About Us

Who We Are

Leisnoi Government Services (LGS) is an Alaska Native Owned Corporation (ANC) focused on providing best-in-class services to clients in the federal and private arenas and delivering value back to our Alaska Native Shareholders. LGS offers a wide-range of General Construction, Environmental Restoration and Remediation Services, Technical Services and Enterprise Solutions. Our culture teaches humility, agility, responsiveness, and endurance as a result, We Listen; Actively, We Solution; Strategically and We Execute; Exceptionally.

Our Purpose, Path, and Principles

   Our Purpose

  • Provide long-term shareholder benefits
  • Celebrate our culture and heritage
  • Responsibly manage land and resources

   Our Path

  • Invest to build a strong financial base
  • Develop options for successful future business

   Our Principles

  • Integrity
  • Ethical Leadership
  • Accountability & Transparency to Shareholder Owners
  • Honor Elders and Promote our Culture and Heritage
  • Responsible Stewardship of Leisnoi Land
  • Long-term corporate success through planning and execution
  • Be a trusted community partner
  • Maintain a positive environment